Application Layer Protocol Support in IoT Cloud Platforms

I recently wrote a seminar paper for Aalto uni’s course and decided to publish it here online, since it might provide some useful insight on application level protocol support on IoT cloud platforms. Please keep in mind that I had limited time and resources while conducting this seminar paper. I think there should be much more elaboration on each section. But anywaays, here it is:

Application Layer Protocol Support in
IoT Cloud Platforms

The growth of interconnected devices, known as the Internet of Things, provide new type of opportunities and solutions for different industries and consumer products. However, the number of and heterogeneity of devices, the diversity of communication protocols, and security are some of the major challenges the IoT industry faces. Many cloud-cased platforms provide solutions for IoT and aim to address these challenges through different approaches. This paper provides useful overview of different key elements of the subject of IoT. We survey the different layers of the IoT stack and the discuss the network protocols used in IoT today . We also provide a comparison of popular IoT cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The comparison shows varying support for the selected application layer messaging protocols. The results conclude that Microsoft Azure provides the most comprehensive support for application layer protocols, supporting natively protocols such as AMQP, MQTT and HTTP. In addition, Azure provides both cloud framework and field gateway SDK for extending the protocol support.

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